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Mission Statement

At the CSRC our goal is to assist individuals in evaluating their needs and desires and to guide them toward the best way to achieve the results they want. We believe that a consultation with a surgeon should incorporate a process of education and mutual agreement in deciding what is best for you. My hope is that the services we provide will help you to communicate more effectively with physicians who are pressed for time. To fill the gap that often exists between the doctor's art and the patient's desired results CSRC seeks to accomplish the following:

• To educate the public about cosmetic and reconstructive procedures and issues.

• To review, and make available useful resources as they become available.

• To promote active communication and collaboration between the patient and his/her
  surgeon in all aspects of surgical and non-surgical procedure(s).

• To be an advocate for the patient.

• To empower patients to be informed healthcare consumers.

• To help reduce risk for both the patient and the surgeon.