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Financing Options

THE CSRC understands that costs are a concern for everyone. It is important for patients to feel comfortable with not only the details of their surgery, but with the financing as well.  

WE OFFER several options to finance your surgery. Apply On Line.

Most surgeons observe the custom of payment for elective cosmetic surgery in advance. The fees are generally due at the time of your pre-operative appointment and usually can be paid by:

•  Cash

•  Personal check

•  Money order

•  MasterCard

•  Visa

•  American Express

•  Discover Card

Also, if applicable, most insurance plans are accepted by plastic surgeons.

Surgery charges can usually be separated into five parts:

the surgeon's fee

the anesthesiologist's fee (if applicable)

the hospital charges, which includes nursing care and the operating room

the medications (oral and topical antibiotics, pain alleviation, dressings)

and any additional charges

Take all this into account when applying for your loan. From your surgical fee to your medications and post-operative care dressings, calculate these expenses beforehand.