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PLASTIC SURGERY while not essential to physical health can play a significant role in your emotional well-being by improving and enhancing the overall appearance of your body's features. Surgery can be the source of much anxiety. You may have many unanswered questions; how long is the surgery, where is it done, when can I resume my normal lifestyle, what are the costs and financial arrangements, etc. Your consultation is designed to address all these questions and concerns.

YOUR CONSULTATION is the first step in the educational process. During your private and confidential consultation at our office, we will provide a basic orientation about the cosmetic procedure that most interests you. Our first responsibility is to help you become familiar with your proposed procedure, assisting you each step of the way with in-depth information, guidance, understanding, caring and reassurance. You will be advised of the procedure options available and given professional help so you can make the best choice.   We want you to fully understand every aspect of your treatment before you begin. Our ultimate goal is to prepare you to meet with potential surgeons who will perform your operation. Your consultation places you under no obligation or pressure.           

WHEN YOU VISIT OUR OFFICE you will meet with Deborah Tavis, our plastic surgery counselor. She will provide you with an overview of your options. Deborah is very committed to providing patients with the answers and information they need to feel confident about their options. She helps prospective patients learn what the actual procedures involve and what they can expect both before and after a procedure. You will have the opportunity to review brochures, watch a video tape, and see before and after photos of patients who have had the same or similar procedures you are considering. Also made accessible is computer imaging. This allows you to view your potential new look before surgery. It is an important tool in defining exactly your needs and goals.

FOLLOWING THIS Deborah can schedule you an appointment with one or more board certified plastic surgeons. She will even accompany you to your medical office visits in order to intercede on your behalf to thoroughly discuss your goals.