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For everyone thinking about plastic surgery, it is crucial to become fully informed and educated. The CSRC is very committed to providing potential patients with the answers and information they need to feel confident about their options. Deborah A. Tavis, a plastic surgery counselor, helps prospective patients learn what the actual procedures involve and what they can expect both before and after a procedure.

Today advances in plastic surgery can offer you the opportunity to enhance your appearance, one that equals your active lifestyle and allows you to be your best!

Whether it is a noticeable change or a subtle refinement you seek, plastic surgery is an option. Plastic surgery allows you to keep the healthy mental image you have of yourself despite the effects of time, gravity and pregnancy. A small change on the outside can mean a big change on the inside. Feeling and looking good makes all the difference in the way we approach life.

Potential clients must understand the risks and complications of proposed procedures. Due to these potential risks it is important to consider in addition to plastic surgeons impressive credentials, skill and experience, if he/she also possesses warmth, a caring manner and sensitivity to the needs of his /her patients, traits which are needed should a problem occur.

The more you know and understand about plastic surgery the more comfortable you can be in determining the right choice and procedure for you. The more informed you are, the more confidence you will have in your surgeon's abilities to provide you with the quality of patient care and results you desire and deserve